Training & Workshops

In the trainings I use elements from (performing) arts such as theatre, music, drawing and writing. Each training can be customized to fit the participants

Why does it work?

By experiencing something new, your attention is drawn to the learning process. Joy and novelty create more openness in the brain, which makes you more likely to be able to benefit from the training. Learning and change happen in the place just out of your comfort zone: your Brave Space!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You don’t need any experience with performing arts to participate!

Interested? Check out these workshops (descriptions via the menu above) or contact me to find out about other possibilities!

– Creative living

– Finding your purpose: goal setting

– Mindfulness & Creativity

– Courage & the Comfort zone

– Discover your talents


Thank you for facilitating this safe space for reflecting on creativity in our daily life. I really enjoyed this workshop and it’s focus on practical skills that we can incorporate in our life. It also helped me to see where and on what level I already am and feel creative so far. You have a calm way of guiding us through the workshop; I liked that and will definitely participate next time!
Maria Kleine
participant creative living
It was great starting with movement, the atmosphere was immediately easy and fun. And the meditation was very skillfully led by Ayana.
Irene Taboada
participant Finding your purpose: Goalsetting
A great workshop with a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Ayana creates a safe environment. I enjoyed reflecting on my goals in life and noticing my body finding a calm space in the business of the day.
Heleen Jalink
participant Finding your purpose: Goalsetting