Creativity coaching

Do you want to live a more intentional and creative life? Are you struggling to find balance or to change habits? Try creativity coaching!

Some answers to get you started

A coach helps you to help yourself. By asking the right questions and formulating clear goals, coaching helps you to get where you want to go.

The main goal of creativity coaching is to help you get closer to the life you want to live. Creativity is creating in the widest sense of the word: from creating a community to writing a novel or building a shelf. Everyone is inherently creative. However, over the years most of us have become blocked or have simply turned their back on creativity. Creativity coaching helps you to reconnect and become better accustomed with the creativity that is already inside you.

I am a solution-focused and structured coach: I prefer not to dwell on the problem and get to finding a solution. Together we set up new pathways for you to get closer to living the life you want to live. 

We will discuss together what your goals are. This can be things such as: how to achieve your goals while using your strengths, staying true to your values, keeping your life balanced and finding joy & fulfillment. More concrete examples are: saying no more often to things you don’t want to do, procrastinating less, planning and structuring your life, incorporating mindfullness into your daily routine and finding time to be in nature.

There are three basic elements: 

Connection call: a free 30 minute call in which we get to know each other. After this call, we establish if we want to work together. If either of us does not think it is the right fit, no harm done! 

Start up session: 60 minutes, in this session we establish your goals, the timing of the sessions and how we will work together.

Coaching sessions: 60 minutes each, usually 5 – 8 sessions.

The Connection call is FREE!

After that the prices are:

  • Start up session (60 min.) – €35,- 
  • Session (60 min.) – for students / unemployed €79,- 
  • Session (60 min.) – for  professionals €89,-
  • Prices are including btw/VAT


Thanks to the coaching sessions I have developed in many ways. I learned to incorporate mindfulness in my daily routine. Also, I’m suddenly doing jigsaw puzzles, taking baths and finally reading the books that have been on my nightstand for years. I’ve learned to better structure my way of working and have become more effective. Changes that fit me personally, not a one-fits-all solution!
Lorenzo Ernst
First year psychology student
Ayana helped me find solutions for my struggles and let me think about my goals. She complimented me when I did well or when I achieved something new. I’m very happy with Ayana as my coach. She is a good listener, understanding, clear and patient.