Finding your purpose: goalsetting

Ask: “How are you?” and there is a good chance you will hear: “Busy”. How can you prioritise what is important to you? And how do you know what is important in the first place? 

In this workshop on goalsetting I use mindfulness and movement to guide participants in a discovery of their values and goals. Focussing on the “Why”, the motivation, rather than using SMART goals or a quick fix. This workshop gives food for thought long after you have left the space!


  • Finding a calm moment to reflect
  • Discovering your values
  • Clarifying your (longterm) goals, focussed on the “Why”
  •  Finding your motivation and inspiration
A great workshop with a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Ayana creates a safe environment. I enjoyed reflecting on my goals in life and noticing my body finding a calm space in the business of the day.
Heleen Jalink
participant Finding your purpose: Goalsetting
It was great starting with movement, the atmosphere was immediately easy and fun. And the meditation was very skillfully led by Ayana.
Irene Taboada
participant Finding your purpose: Goalsetting