Creativity for Teachers

Are you:

  • Someone who wants to break free from the routine of doing the same thing and wishes to think more out of the box?
  • Someone who wants to discover their own creativity?
  • Someone who wants to be less afraid of making mistakes and respond better in the moment to what’s happening in the classroom? 

Then the creativity course for teachers is perfect for you! 3 x 2 hours where your creativity will be enhanced. The workshop is interactive and hands-on, incorporating elements of writing, improvisational theater, and drawing. NOTE: You don’t need any experience or talent in creativity or an art form. Everyone is welcome!

The workshop can be adjusted to the needs of the group!

“A tremendously enjoyable and inspiring workshop, it’s great to get to know other teachers in such a different way while discovering my own creativity in the process.”

“The exercises made me realize that my creativity isn’t completely gone but rather hidden behind a wall, and that with the right exercises, I can rediscover it!”