Creativity for Beginners

Do you want to become more confident in your own ability, escape the daily grind and take on a new challenge? This is a six week course, with every week centering on a different creative expressive format.  Many people have lost touch with their creativity over the years: maybe it was a teacher at school that gave your drawing a low grade, or your family that could not appreciate your music.. Maybe you even started to believe that you are not creative at all! This could not be further from the truth. If you want to bring creativity back into your life, this course is for you. The goal is not to create “something good”, the goal is to connect to your creativity, whatever form it takes. I will not judge your work, only coach you toward finding your creative voice!

The six themes:
1. Introduction and Improvisational Theatre
2. Movement and Impulse
3. Collage and Inspiration
4. Music and Sound
5. Free writing and Poetry
6. Creative Living