Creative living

What is holding you back from living creatively? How do you incorporate creative practices and habits into your busy schedule? And most importantly: how do you create a life in line with your values?

In this workshop on creative living I support you in challenging your inner critic and offer practical tips to live creatively. An active hands-on approach makes this a fun and inspiring workshop for all, even self-defined “non-creatives”!


  • Practicing the habits of a creative (for example free writing)
  • Learning how to incorporate this into your already busy schedule
  • Challenging your inner critic
  • Becoming aware of your creative goals
  • Creating a space where joyful creativity is celebrated
Thank you for facilitating this safe space for reflecting on creativity in our daily life. I really enjoyed this workshop and it’s focus on practical skills that we can incorporate in our life. It also helped me to see where and on what level I already am and feel creative so far. You have a calm way of guiding us through the workshop, I liked that!
Maria Kleine
participant creative living